Where is Episode 1?

Kyle Erby Male Rights Activist Episode 1 was shot April 21, 2010 at a studio in Beverly Hills, California.  TIki Barber was the Hated Male of the week because he had just left his wife for a younger woman and incidentally … his wife was 8 months pregnant with twins.


They had a great time shooting, but when it was time to leave, Executive Producer Kamal Abdul Jabbaar asked the camera man/editor/studio owner when it would be done. The multitalented editor told Kamal he would get to it when he got to it. Dude was not lying.


As you could imagine, Kyle and Kamal grew more and more impatient waiting to not only post their very first episode, but to at least see it. A month passed and they could not get the guy on the phone, so they said forget it. The time had come to do it on their own.


One night Kyle was lying in bed when it hit him: “I could shoot this thing in here! All I need is a green screen and some equipment.” Well, some equipment quickly turned into a whole lot of equipment, but because they were determined, Kyle and Kamal purchased all of the equipment themselves and on May 10, 2010 they shot Episode 2 in Kyle’s Bedroom in Compton.


With help from his brother in law Brandy Alexander, Kyle taught himself to edit and they threw Episode 2 up on the net on May 26th, 2010.  They still had not heard from their editor about episode one.


Finally, while working on Episode 3, Kamal went down to the editors to get episode one. Kyle and Kamal watched in amusement to see that episode one was funnier than episode two. The comedic timing of the editing was a little off, but the quality of the video was head and shoulders better than what the guys were able to come up with. But rather than  have another “get to it when I get to it” waiting period, they decided to improve slowly but surely on their own.  By Episode 4 they finally surpassed the quality and hilariousness of episode one.


So when can you see it?


Well, the editor put it on a disc for them and they tried a few times to upload it, but always got an error.  The disc may be faulty but no one is sure. Eventually they would like to put it up, but for now, the fans will have to use their imaginations to wonder how the MRA put their spin on Tiki Barber’s love life.