Being a Male Rights Activist is tough, but somebody has to do it.

The MRA started as the ETDSB on Jamie Foxx’s Sirius XM Foxxhole. 

Since 2008 Kyle Erby has been a radio personality on “The Sheryl Underwood Show” which airs every Tuesday night on Sirius 106 and XM 149.

Kyle noticed that men kept losing their careers behind troubles with women, so he started the Ethical Treatment for Dudes with Side…..chicks. The Foxxhole has a vast variety of listeners from Sirius’ 19 million subscribers, but the main audience has always been male truckers. The truckers took a liking to the ETDSB, which eventually turned into the MRA.


The Purpose of the MRA is to uplift men. It is not designed to degrade women in any way. It’s a place to celebrate being a MALE. Somewhere along the lines, only catering to women became the status quo.

What’s the key to a happy marriage? “A happy wife makes a happy marriage.”

“Make mom happy and everybody’s happy.”

What’s the secret to a happy home? Men saying “yes dear” and “You were right.”

We’re sure you’ve heard this before. And while it’s nice to make women happy…What about the guys? It’s not hard to find someone defending the ladies, and now, thanks to the MRA, you don’t have to look far to find someone defending the fellas. The next time a man messes up, and the female centric media tries to hang him, look to the MRA to cut the rope.