A Look Behind the Scenes

A Look behind the scenes



Kamal Abdul Jabbaar  

Kamal is the director, head writer, co creator, and Executive producer of the team. He was a film major at Howard University. He has written 8 screenplays and wrote, produced, and directed 5 theatre plays. His last play, “The EDGEucation presents: History of the Black Man” set attendance records at the Los Angeles ACME Theater.


Dion Lack 

Dion is a comedian, film maker, and actor. He is best known for his hit Doritos Super Bowl commercial where the kid slaps  him and says “Keep yo hands off my mamma, keep yo hands of my Doritos.”

Lack drew the MRA Logo. He draws the cartoons and lends his voice to them. He also wrote one of the cartoon episodes. 



Brandy Alexander 

Brandy is the graphic designer. He designed  the set and all but one of the backgrounds (thanks Ted). Whenever a picture pops up, Brandy is the man who puts it into the TV. In addition to graphic designing, he not only helps with editing, but he lends his state of the art equipment to the cause.





Kyle Erby



Kamal Abdul Jabaar and Kyle Erby


Executive Producer

Kamal Abdul Jabbaar


Graphic Designs by

Brandy Alexander and Ted Stanley

Director of Photography

Brian Alexander


Brandy Alexander 

Brian Alexander


Cartoon Fun

Illustrated by Dion Lack

Written by Dion Lack, Kyle Erby, and Kamal Abdul Jabbaar


Cartoon Fun Voice Actors

Dion Lack

Kamal Abdul Jabbaar

Danisha Vertina Love Hairston

Twilla Tanyi

Glenda Redfield

Dawnise Francisco

Kashala Alexander


Special Laker Consultant for Ep 4: Al Erby

Theme song by DJ KP


Hand Model 

Brandy Alexander


MRA Logo Models

Karla Aguirre and Daniel Martinez


Shot at MRA Studios Downtown Los Angeles

Edited by Brandy Alexander and Kyle Erby

"Male" Bag provided by Aden Wallace